2020 NFL Predictions including Super Bowl Winner!

2020 NFL Predictions including Super Bowl Winner!

For several years, the NFL predictions by USA today have been DEAD WRONG. Would like to share their predictions and react to them. This is pretty hilarious.

Let’s react by division:

AFC West: The standings look somewhat normal. The Chiefs will make it to the Super Bowl again. Their team is dominant. Although, they might not win it. They will get pretty close.

AFC North: The Browns and Bengals will definitely have better records. Joe Burrow and the Bengals can win way more than 5 games.

AFC South: Completely wrong

Honestly, don’t feel like going through all of these divisions going to skip to NFC North. It’s such a cluster fuck!

NFC North: This is the real deal. NO the Packers will not the division. The top 2 will be the Vikings and the Bears. To be honest, there is trouble in paradise for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is on his way out and J Love will be in and he won’t be that good at the start. Nick Foles for the Bears will do okay.