A Day in a life of a Bum in the Bleachers: 08-29-2023

A Day in a life of a Bum in the Bleachers: 08-29-2023

With the boots on the ground, I had to come support the Chicago Cubs as they race to gain the top spot against the rival Milwaukee Brewers. As a bleacher bum, my job was to heckle and hope for the best. The Brewers are coming off a 9 game win streak and the Cubs have their All-Star Pitcher Justin Steele on the mound. It's time for war.

Quick shout out to Tick Pick, which got me these amazing seats and the got Immersed In the experience.

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As the game gets started, tensions began to rise. The wind was blowing In from center field about 11 MPH. during batting practice, a ball came my way, and I grabbed It as a good luck charm.

The crowd around me In the bleachers began to fill around me. It felt like October baseball. A slight breeze, vibes are at an all time high. The heckles from the bleachers were getting good. As the Cubs got some men on base, Belli comes up to bat and then..

This turns out to be the only run of the game. Bellinger Is a beast and glad he's a cup. Instead of being a slug fest, this game turned Into a pitchers dual. The All-Star Pitcher Steele got the Cubs 8ks, with 1 BB and pitched a solid 6 Innings.

As the night wore on, the bleachers were getting antsy. Cup snakes were trying to get formed, but failing. Spillage of drinks and food were happening and the crowd just taunting Weimer In the outfield, (pronouncing It Weiner) was at an all time high. As the Cubs win, the place was electric!

The Cubs try to close the series tomorrow afternoon against the Brewers to win the series and try to Inch closer and closer to win the division.

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