A Dome on Top of Soldier Field?

A Dome on Top of Soldier Field?
Lightfoot say what?

There has been major talks about the Chicago Bears moving to Arlington Heights. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is not too proud of the whole situation. She has been doing her best in trying to keep the team in Chicago.

As the discussions heat up, the mayor suggests that a dome over the top of Soldier Field would be the best idea.


Soldier Field is a historic venue. Lots of memories, and fans are not too fond of the spaceship looking addition to the stadium. Once the renovations happened, the stadium lost its' landmark status. Maybe it is time for a change? With the lowest amount of capacity in all the NFL, the Bears need a change.

Pros & Cons

Pros of moving the team:

  • I-55 and Lake Shore Drive would be less backed up on gamedays
  • Parking is a dumpster fire
  • More room to accommodate fans
  • Seats are out of date
  • This could be the spot where it encompasses a sportsbook and more activities

Cons of moving the team:

  • No longer in Chicago
  • No more view of the Lake Front
  • It would cost over a billion to build the dome (According to Chargers SoFi Stadium)