Broken Chicago Bears Can't Seem to Get Points On the Board

Broken Chicago Bears Can't Seem to Get Points On the Board

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After watching Week 2 of the Pre-season:

Here are my thoughts/over-reactions:

  1. ) The Chicago Bears Offensive Line needs to be better

This should not have happened to the future of the team. You need to protect Justin Fields at all costs. Since our Offensive line Is not In tact, I am all for Andy Dalton being the guy to take the hits until we can protect the quarterback.

2. ) Matt Nagy needs to stop calling the plays. I know It Is pre-season and all the plays will not be the plays that will be called during the season. What grinds my gears, Is when It Is 3rd an 17 and the play call Is a screen play! Way too many short passes, we need to start taking chances and getting on the board.

3.) Justin Fields looked GREAT! He can scramble and keep composure when under pressure. Reminds me a Lamar Jackson.

The AD14 Pass to Rodney Adams was a Thing of Beauty.

4. ) After watching Mitch Trubisky own the Bears, I can confirm now, It was not him that sucks. Matt Nagy Is the problem and we need to get rid of him. It's like the Bears got the wrong end of the Andy Reid Coaching Tree. This dude sucks! Also get rid of Ryan Pace, this whole organization needs a change.

No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills...

Bills 45- Bears 15

-Richie Chicago

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