Chicago Bears: Key Takeaways

Chicago Bears: Key Takeaways

The Chicago Bears did it! We won! It was a dirty and ugly win, but we won! We almost had a mini-heart attack. After watching the game, here are few takeaways.

1.) Mitch needs to get better!

After throwing only 120 yards, this is not the QB that we were looking for. I don’t think Matt Nagy trusts Mitch to throw any passes. This is not good. We will not be able to move the chains if he can not throw the ball. Mitch needs to be Mitch. Maybe he is not a pocket QB, he is definitely mobile. We need to find a way to adapt with his style for us to win. I had, maybe 35% confidence that the Bears were going to score with that amount of time. It was a roller coaster of emotion.

2.) The Defense was amazing

The Bears Defense held the Broncos to only 14 points! Mack was straight killing it, even in the high altitude. Not much to say about the defense.

3.) Franchise Kicker

We have found our Franchise Kicker!! It only has been 4 kicks this season, but we found him. Eddy Dinero, Eddy Money, Papi’s Pinero’s. He is Mr Clutch, a new local hero. This is great and all, but we need to figure out if Mitch is our Franchise QB. We found a franchise kicker, not a franchise QB.