Chicago Bulls Lose to the Golden State Warriors 111-119

Chicago Bulls Lose to the Golden State Warriors 111-119

Jordan Poole lead the Golden State Warriors in a hard fought battle against the Bulls. Poole came off the bench with 7 3-pointers and scored 30 points.

“The rotations changed a little bit a couple games ago, we kind of started to get a chemistry, a good rotation, and we're just out there playing our basketball now,” Poole said. “It feels really good to kind of gain our chemistry. We've just got to keep it rolling.”

The Bulls were in foul touble early as Zach Lavine had 5 fouls in the third. He shot a clutch 3 ball and had the score within 1 point (110-109) with 2:27 left to play in regulation. Zach ended up with 21 points. His partner in crime, DeRozan scored 16 points.

Vucuvic contributed with 23 points, along with 11 rebounds (a double double).


The Bulls end their road tour in Sacramento on Sunday playing the Sacramento Kings.

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