Chicago Bulls Streak Continues to 8 straight.

Chicago Bulls Streak Continues to 8 straight.

Chicago Bulls pull out another win against the Orlando Magic 102-98.

The Orlando Magic played some scrappy basketball and kept It close until the final seconds of the game.

The Bulls had a rough start at the beginning, They missed the first 6 shots.

Head coach Billy Donovan noticed slippage In the Bulls' defense.

“This is a game, to me, that if you don’t defend, but shoot it the way we did, we would not have had a chance to win,” Donovan said. “I think that, to me, was the encouraging part. Now, did we play great? No. By no stretch of the imagination, I’m not saying that. We had a hard shooting night. But we talked a lot about defense this morning and I think the guys tried to do as good a job as they possibly could have.”

Demar DeRozan ended up with 29 points and LaVine had 27 points.

With this win, they gain a game on the Brooklyn Nets giving them a 2 game cushion ahead of the Eastern Conference lead.

Next game: Bulls Vs Wizards In Chicago.

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