Chicago Cubs Rizzo Terminates Contract Negations to Focus on Baseball

Chicago Cubs Rizzo Terminates Contract Negations to Focus on Baseball

It looks like the contract leaked out and The Chicago Cubs low-balled Rizzo. After putting all his heart and soul into this organization, this is how the Cubs repay him?

“It doesn’t look like at this time anything is going to be finalized,” Rizzo said on a Monday morning Zoom from spring training. “With [the] Opening Day deadline, we feel really strong about it. We’ve had enough time to talk and figure it out. I’ve told my agents not to talk to me about it anymore.”


Are you ready for the reveal?

The Cubs offered Rizzo a five-year extension for $70 million, according to major-league sources. The proposal, an initial offer subject to negotiation, was front-loaded and included escalators that would have enabled Rizzo to earn more on the back end, sources said. But the guarantee was barely more than half of what the Cardinals gave first baseman Paul Goldschmidt…

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There has to be money in the banana stand somewhere to pay this guy! This feels like we’re off by A LOT…and it is absurd. We’re not expecting the Cubs to pay as much as the Cardinals did for Paul Goldschmidt (130 Million). At least pay Rizzo somewhere in the ball park. Don’t try to low ball him, he knows his worth!

Things have been almost a dumpster fire for the Cubs lately. I still want the good times to roll! Just need one Chicago team to get out of this funk.

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