Dead Nagy Walking

Dead Nagy Walking
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Furious George accidentally wrote an article about the Bears coaching search during an early morning text conversation with his uncle. The following is that text:

Regarding the upcoming game against the packers... I could totally see that happening. I guess I’m just hoping for a close game just for Fields’ confidence.

I agree about Nagy, which is why you might as well root for the win lol. Bears fans who want the loss for a small chance he gets fired are delusional (even if I was there a few weeks ago 😂)

Regarding rumors of Leslie Frazier being a head coach candidate for the Bears... I get the nostalgia factor, but I don't know about Leslie Frazier.  I do want the Bears to hire someone who is a good coach first as opposed to a good coordinator. I don't know if I can stomach another “offensive guru” even if there is a level of success.  Problem is, John Fox is the only coach in the history of the Bears that had previous NFL Head coaching experience before taking the Bears job. Another bizarre tradition. So you’re basically relying on them hiring a coordinator. I just don’t know.  I most like the ideas of taking one of the following from college: Harbaugh, Day, Fitzgerald.

Pros: Harbaugh has a very successful track record in NFL and college of winning percentage, and hiring competent/successful coordinators (like Fangio with the 49ers for example); plus, former Bear. Day looks like a great football mind and obviously has the connection with Justin Fields; also has a lot of NFL contacts. Fitzgerald has made the absolute most that he can out of a largely lackluster program. Imagine what he can do with “real talent,” plus he’s a Chicago guy.

Cons: Harbaugh is eccentric and, until this year, has struggled mightily to win “the big game.” But are you satisfied if he just gets you there? (You could say the same thing about Andy Reid until a couple years ago, or Joe Maddon before the Cubs)
Day is quite young still, and OSU looked like they had a down year. Is His connection with Fields worth the hire? He has tight connections with Nagy and Shanahan. Is that good or bad?
Fitzgerald, while getting a lot out of Northwestern, they still suck, and this year got the piss beat out of them by Illinois.

The last question is, would any of these coaches leave their current program for the Bears? Fitzgerald and Harbaugh have said it’s their dream job, but there’s been rumors that Fitzgerald had been spoken to in the past about it and has said he’s happy where he’s at. Harbaugh just got Michigan into the CFP, with a shot at the National Title. If they make that game, hard to see him being gone next year. Not to mention they beat Ohio State for the first time in a decade, and won convincingly.
Day still runs a successful program, even if it was a down year. CJ Stroud is still top 2 in Heisman discussion. With top recruits coming in, Day will be fine if he stays at OSU.

That’s my thought on my top candidates of head coaches.

I don’t want Daboll or Moore or Roman or Bienemi or any of the “pure offensive coordinators.”  I don’t want Frazier or Bowles or Fangio or the “pure, aging defensive coordinators.”
Give me the good coach with the good connections and evaluations to bring in great people to help make up the organization.
We’ve seen with Nagy that bringing in a young, inexperienced coordinator led to a lot of overall competence, and I just want a break from it all. Will the Bears go this way? I have no idea, but at the end of the day give me the best overall coach. My gut tells me that’s Harbaugh. Sure he hasn’t won “the big game,” but if he gets you there, that’s better than the Bears have been in a looooooong time.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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