Early Chicago Bears 2023 Draft Predictions

Early Chicago Bears 2023 Draft Predictions

By Furious George

I predict that the Bears will end the season picking 3/4.

They will try to trade back with a team like the Giants who may be looking for a QB to coup multiple 1sts.

They use the Giants 1st this year on OL.

Then trade the future 1st for WR (like rumors of Davante Adam’s being available are floating).

Bears draft D-line in second and 3rd round,
Sign everyone else in the free agency.

I think Deforest Buckner is a real target for them as is Tyler Boyd/Tee Higgins. Possibly other WRs that are unknowns at this point.

Depending on how the season ends, I could see Seattle parting ways with DK or Lockett (probably Lockett)

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