How did the Chicago Bulls get so bad?

How did the Chicago Bulls get so bad?

I’m sitting here watching the Chicago Bulls game on a Tuesday night. I’m wondering why is this team not doing too well? They have Zach Levine scoring 41 points and Coby White scored over 30+ again off the bench!!

There are some obvious issues that needs to addressed ASAP! After the game- this is what Jim Boylen had to say about Coby White starting:

Jim Boylen looks like a nervous wreck. He is getting shit on by the media by not starting Coby White. He keeps going to the same answer night after night. It’s like he has never heard the phrase “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Towards the end of the game, Zach Levine had something to say as well to Jim Boylen. He ends up yelling at him saying how he scored 40 points.

This season is an absolute circus!! Players not trusting the coach. The fans not trusting the front office. Sheesh!!! During All Star Weekend- on Twitter #FireGarPax was trending! Credit to Barstool Big Cat from the #1 podcast Pardon My Take by Barstool Sports.

Even more players not trusting the coach. A random fan yelled “Fire Boylen” during and interview and he laughed!! How embarrassing!!

The remedy: Fire everyone! The players have talent. They need direction.