Episode 1.8: Devin's Director's Cut - Back to School

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‎Show If It Has A Score, Ep Episode 1.8: Devin’s Director’s Cut - Back to School - Sep 28, 2022

What would a biopic about Kyler Murray look like? Listen to this week to find out, along with news and more!

00:00-01:08 - Intro

01:08-06:54 - Media news reported by Wes

06:54-17:58 - Sports news reported by Devin

17:58-50:46 - Devin's Director's Cut: Kyler Murray

50:46-52:09 - Intro to next month's theme and sneak peek of next week's segment

52:09-1:00:18 - Two Truths, One Lie

1:00:18-1:01:38 - Outro

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