Monday Movie Review: Tiger King

Monday Movie Review: Tiger King

Netflix has came out with another Docuseries banger! The people have spoken. They can’t get enough of this true-crime sensation!

Tiger King, Murder, Mayhem and Madness debuted on March 20 and it quickly became a fan favorite with a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 94% with the critics.

In “Tiger King,” the filmmakers explore the world of big cat owners. It starts off with Joe Exotic. He is the owner of an Oklahoma roadside zoo, who is a “mulleted, gun-toting polygamist and country western singer,” per Netflix’s description of the docuseries.

Things turn dark after animal activist Carole Baskin, owner of a big cat sanctuary, tries to shut down the big-cat breeders. With this rivalry, it eventually lead to Joe Exotic’s arrest in connection with murder-for-hire plot.

As you go through the episodes, you been a bunch of characters. Each character can easily become a subplot in itself. It seemed each character kept getting worse and worse as the series went on! The fans had no idea who to root for!

There was one memorable scene in the docuseries. One of the characters had cut the film and had a montage of him jet-skiing! It definitely did not make sense!

Without too many spoilers, this is a highly recommended docuseries. There are a lot of twist and turns that leave you in shock and awe. Finally, I’ll give this a 9.6/10.

-Jimbo Slice