NFL Championship Recap

NFL Championship Recap

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Green Bay Packers

This game was very interesting. Tom Brady was on an offensive tear. By end of half, the Buccs were up 21-10. Brady -> Scotty Miller for a bomb of a TD.

The turning point was towards the end of the game. Matt LaFluer decides to go for a field goal down by 8.

No guts La Fluer, GUTLESS, people were saying. Green Bay watched as Tom Brady did what he does best with 2 minutes left to win the game.

Tompa Bay will be hosting for the first time a Super Bowl with home field advantage.

Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Just like a born again V- the Buffalo Bills had trouble scoring. Red Zone scoring that is. In the beginning luck ran their way.

On their first drive following a muffed punt by Hardman, they scored on the first play from the 3.

Before halftime, they kicked a field goal. the had 6 plays in the RED ZONE!

On their next drive, they also kicked a field goal.

Mahomes and Chiefs kept scoring touchdowns every time they got the chance.

Bills had no answer for the GOAT to be. With no answers on defense, the Chiefs ran away with this.

In conclusion:

We have The GOAT (Tom Brady) and the Tampa Bay Bucs Vs The Goat To Be (Patrick Mahomes) and the KC Chiefs for a showdown in the SUPER BOWL!