Shots Fired: Charles Barkley Vs. Draymond Green

Shots Fired: Charles Barkley Vs. Draymond Green

This feud between Charles Barkley and Draymond Green is heating up! You gotta love this! Charles Barkley went on the Dan Patrick Show to respond to Green’s comments and well…he went off!!!

Here is some beef history. Draymond went on the record on Friday to say this about Charles Barkley.

Damn Draymond!! This is pretty balsy of him to call Charles on having no rings and calling him weak! Basically he called him a SIMP. Honestly, Draymond has no room to talk because Barkley played for the Dream Team, Hall of Famer and a MVP.

Honestly, I’ll take Draymond’s side on this one! I think Charles Barkley is a little bit jealous of what Draymond has. Green is skilled, and has proven himself to win multiple championships. He is a key component to the Warriors’ run. If he did not get suspended on game 5 of the finals, the Warriors would have won it again!

Can’t wait to see what Draymond has up his sleeve!