The Last Dance Episode 5 & 6 Takeaways

The Last Dance Episode 5 & 6 Takeaways

Wow! What a thrilling 2 episodes for the Last Dance Documentary. The deep dive into fame is insane and what Michael Jordan had to go through. People saw him as a role model, but what he really wanted was to be the best he can be. Michael Jordan felt the pressure to be sculpted into this perfect mold that the media set out for him,

1.) The hatred to Isiah Thomas lives on

It felt like there was more to the story when Michael Jordan mentioned Isiah Thomas in the 3rd and 4th episodes not getting into the dream team. These two episodes definitely solidified the hatred between Michael for Thomas. Michael did respect him as a player, but that’s about it.

2.) Michael Jordan and Gambling was epic

There are many quotes in the documentary that I can personally relate too.

“I don’t have a gambling problem, I have a competition problem”

Here is the interview:

The stories were amazing from the security guards gambling with him with quarters off the wall to golf course gambling and the infamous Atlantic City gate. Just gets me all riled up hearing these stories.

3.) Kobe Bryant meant a lot to MJ

In the beginning of the documentary, you see the relationship with Kobe and MJ. They had a relationship like they were brothers. After watching that, it felt heavy hearted. The footage from the all star game and then Kobe explaining the relationship was so touching.

Here is a piece on more of the mentor/big brother relationship that they had:

Super pumped to see the next two episodes this Sunday. The competition looks fierce and Jordan will not take no for an answer.