The Last Dance Episode 7 & 8 Recap

The Last Dance Episode 7 & 8 Recap

These two episodes were just an emotional roller coaster! Everything from the competitiveness that Jordan had to his relationship with his father.

MJ’s relationship with his Father

You take a deep dive into the relationship of Michael Jordan and his Father. His father was basically his best friend. When MJ won a championship, he was there to support him and guide him through the years. There were stories of how MJ’s father motivated him to be laser focused.

The media was relentless

After the 3rd Bulls championship, you could tell that Michael was getting a bit tired. Unfortunately, not too long after that his father went missing. This took a toll on MJ. Soon after that, the media kept attacking Michael saying that his gambling problem was the cause of his father’s death. How could you blame a child of his father’s death!! I honestly think the media drove him out of basketball which lead to his retirement.

Baseball- A dream come true

Once retired, Michael decided to pursue baseball. This was a way to escape because of his father’s death. Some crazy facts were that he was getting paid the same salary as he was in basketball. Also, he was bumped up to Double A just to accomodate the press. People all over came to see him play baseball. When he started, he was not that good. His work ethic was shown at how he would practice swing before and after full games just to get it right. It just shows how competitive he is to be the best. Eventually, he would come to basketball. If he stayed in baseball, he would have been called up to the majors!

MJ is the master trash talker

Throughout the episodes, there were stories from former teammates and opponents that had stories of his competitive edge. One story in particular was incredible! It dealt with LaBradford Smith. There was one game in particular where the he scored 37 points against the Bulls. Allegedly he told MJ “Nice game, Mike”. The next night, Michael and the Bulls went to Washington and Jordan used that edge to score 36 points in the first half alone! Michael loved to seek revenge! It turns out, LaBradford Smith never said that and it was made up, but it shows how Michael would do anything to have a competitive edge!