"The Last Dance" Major Bump for Carmen Electra

"The Last Dance" Major Bump for Carmen Electra

If you lived in the 90’s you certainly remember Carmen Electra. As the words of Big Cat from Barstool” Carmen Electra meant a lot to a lot of people in the 90s.”

Carmen Electra appeared in the Michael Jordan Documentary due to the relationship she had briefly with Dennis Rodman. It is insane that there is an entire generation of people who just got introduced to her.

Electra spilled some details from the 48 hour “vacation” to Las Vegas that she was apart of. Along with details of having sex at the Bulls practice court.

“After the episode was released on April 26th, searches for Carmen Electra surged to more than 1.7 million, compared to her daily average of just 1,500 searches.”

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She is still absolutely beautiful, it’s like she did not age! The day the show aired, there were only 14,796 searches. Although, the next day the searches shot up to 393,000!

-Jimbo Slice