The Top 5 Things to Do When There are No Sports

The Top 5 Things to Do When There are No Sports

A world without sports, who would have thought? The Coronavirus has taken our beloved sports away from us. No sports fan ever whats to live in a world with out sports, but here we are 26 days with no sports.

5. ) Working out

Right now is no better time to start working out! If you don’t have weights, not a problem! You can do push ups. yoga, and any form of cardio. After the Quarantine, you will looks good just enough to get you laid!

4.) Cook

Instead of spending your money and getting food delivery, this is a way you can save and eat the food you love! There are tons of cooking content on Youtube! Who knows? You might surprise some special.

3.) Binge-Watch TV

From Amazon, Netflix to HBO there are a ton of movies and TV shows to watch. For a list you can check out my previous blog.

2.) Drink

When life gives you Corona, deal with it and drink! Alcohol is the lubricant to life. We have a giant void to fill and booze is the answer.

1.) Catch up with friends/family

Since we are isolated, it does get depressing after being alone . Thanks to technology, we can video chat with the ones we are close to! There are other apps like Zoom, where a bunch of friends and family can all talk. Cherished your loved ones, because tomorrow isn’t always promised. Reach out to an old friend, you never know what that can turn into!

-Jimbo Slice